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the Psilogy fellowship

Put a few consultants, entrepreneurs, creative web wizards and good supporting staff together, give them a common purpose and the tools to work where and when they want and communicate seamlessly, and all of a sudden you have an organization.
The Psilogy fellowship is a twofold organization: a brand consultancy firm and a web development agency. Two faces to the same coin.
We profile customers (and their needs), develop purpose driven brand (portfolio) strategies and inspire innovation. And then we implement - often web based - conversation programs to drive change. Internal conversations - to make employees embrace the brand purpose - and external conversations - to make customers relate to the brand.
Because we believe that if employees embrace the brand's societal purpose, they will be happier, more driven and better at what they do. And happier, more driven employees will do what needs to be done to make customers happier and more engaged. And that's what builds a stronger brand and a happier society.


With our enterprise driven by a societal purpose, we consider ourselves equal partners in crime, on all levels.
Philip De Wulf
managing fellow

"über-conversationalist – will only stop talking to … listen.
Steyaert Ann
senior fellow

"If only everybody would say what they FEEL instead of what they THINK. Womange Life!
Suzanne Kenis
supporting fellow

"Carpe diem
Thomas Gerard
creative fellow

"There's more to design than meets the eye


Stuff that keeps us busy during the day and awake at night {and we like that because it means we're doing cool stuff}.
We're conversationalists. We design, enable and build brand conversations.

Why we're good at it?
We bring together a bunch of talents from different angles. We know how to sketch, paint, illustrate, photoshop, run, meditate, dance but more importantly we're aces when it comes to diagnosing & understanding consumer psychology, developing & deploying marketing & brand strategies and designing & developing unexpected web experiences.


We could show a long list of impressive companies and tantalizing cases we’ve worked with or are working on. And we will if you shoot us an email on it.

But rather than bragging about the solutions we crafted in the past, we'd like to thank the telecom giant, the port authority, the health insurance provider, the dairy provider and the knowledge center for making our lives interesting and triggering our creativity.

And we already thank the über-barista, the beer brewer, the celebrity and the e-media passionate for challenging us

And we look forward to partnering on your challenge.Just contact us, and we'll be happy to share our wealth of international experience


Though we believe that participation in our project doesn't require physical location, we do like to have a place to brew our own coffee. Drop us a line or find us at:

psilogy's headquarters:

Leopold De Waelstraat 17a
2000 Antwerpen
Phone: +32-3-2441.900
Fax: +32-3-2441.909
driving directions

And our place in The Netherlands is situated at:

Teleport Towers
Kingsfordweg 151
1043 GR Amsterdam (Sloterdijk)
Phone: +32-3-2441.900
Fax: +32-3-2441.909
driving directions


a psilogy fellowship

Where psilogy concentrates their efforts on creating and developing meaningful brand conversations, the xprimi people develop the underlying technology.

xprimi's core belief is that people should only be contacted and addressed by brands and organizations in the most appropriate way, based on their state of mind and their context.

Targeted marketing reaching you when, where and how you want.

So we believe the power to steer this should be with the consumer, the individual - not the brand or the authority. To achieve this we have and develop a set of tools that enable our users to profile themselves through self-discovery and allows them to share their profile and feelings with others - on their terms.